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We have the following BRAND NEW & UNUSED Knives (These are NOT Refurbished Knives) in ready to ship condition. Please click the link to Order Now

Length Width Thick PCS Blueprint/Drawing No: Item Description
460mm 120mm 40mm 37 CHP/123 Dead Knife for Voith Chipper
376mm 100mm 18mm 72 CHP/459 Dead Knife for Chipper
7" 2.5" 1" 36 2M08-0117 Scrap Chopper
417mm 75mm 14.5mm 36 S/200/2027/B Counter Knife for Chipper
229mm 75mm 14.5mm 42 S/200/2027/B Counter Knife for Chipper
458mm 60mm 10mm 12 S/200/2040/a Bed Knife for Chipper
455mm 100mm 9.5mm 137 S/200/2006/b Blade for Chipper
300mm 150mm 17.5mm   4-2210044 Fly Knife for New KMW Chipper
260mm 185mm 17mm 15 4-2210025 Fly Knife for New KMW Chipper
300mm 142mm 20mm 12   Chipper Fly Knife
2740mm 50mm 11.5mm 1   Pressure Bar
203.2mm 15/19" 3.17" 8 HBSC 191/B 8" Knife Blade Circular
504mm 190mm 22mm 2   Chipper Dead Knife
225mm 98mm 20mm 10   Blade
166mm 95mm 12mm 9 B08-04-008/B Slitting Knife Top
140mm 100mm 50mm 12 M419382 Rev A Chopping Shear Knife  
204mm 140mm 26.5mm 13 O3750/14 Rev 3 Revolving Disc Knives for no.1 & 2 Duplex paper & Board Cutter
260mm 145mm 25mm 5   Slitting Knife 
2500mm 132mm 45.5mm 1 PL/T/-03 Bending Punch For Press Brake
300mm 225mm 18mm 30   Chipper Fly Knife
300mm 150mm 18mm 21 S2-4270 Chipper Fly Knife
255mm 200mm 22mm 32   Chipper Fly Knife
1756mm 72mm 13mm 2 PM-2/SC-2/02A/EPM/REV-1 Fly Knives for Paper Sheet Cutter
180mm 95mm 40mm 4 PSL-N-RM-05 Shear Blade
150mm 80mm 30mm 4 PSL-N-RM-051 Blade for 100T crop End Shear
25" 7" 1" 5 Z OPA 13 Chipper Knife
600mm 225mm 20mm 1 S/200/2125/b Chipper "HH500" Knives
56" 7" 5/8" 7   Veneer Peeling Knife
425mm 55mm 5mm 6   Wood Planer Knife
56" 7" 5/8" 1   Peeling Knife
700mm 200mm 20mm 10 2.13.46-C/REV 3 Fly Knife for Wigger Chipper
98mm 60mm 20mm 12   Slotted blades

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