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cutters, saw blades,
industrial knifes blades, cutters manufacturers, cutters wholesale, milling
saw blades, leather cloth coating blades, ice scraper blades, tol platesside, edges, dozer blades, speciality blades, speciality knives, meat
cutting bandsaw blades, fish cutting bandsaw blades, cheese cutting knivescandy cutting knives, ham slicer knives, circular stainless steel food
processing knives, Meat Slicer Knives, Chicken/Fish Cutting Blades

Fish/Meat/Carcass Cutting/Splitting Bandsaw Blades, Fish Skinning Knives,
Razor Blades for Carpet Cutting, Corner Cutters, Industrial Razor Blades

Cutting Blades for the Photographic Industry, Cutting Blades for the Plastic
Film, Tape Industry

Apex Knives also manufactures virtually any type of knife/saw/blade/roll or tool for specialized and non-standard applications. All we require is a blueprint/drawing/sketch of the product along with details of material of construction and application of the knife/blade.

Key Benefits
  • Optimally heat treated and precision ground.
  • Uniform cutting edge.
  • Trouble free operation

  • Products
  • Meat Slicer Knives, Chicken/Fish Cutting Blades
  • Fish/Meat/Carcass Cutting/Splitting Bandsaw Blades.
  • Fish Skinning Knives.
  • Razor Blades for Carpet Cutting etc.
  • Corner Cutters, Industrial Razor Blades.
  • Cutting Blades for the Photographic Industry
  • Cutting Blades for the Plastic Film, Tape Industry.
  • Punching Blades for the Fish Canning Industry
  • Gum, Chocolate, Caramel Cutting Blades
  • Band knives for Leather/PU/Foam/Coir/Rubber Cutting.
  • Leather Cutting Blades
  • Tobacco Cutting Blades
  • Cigarette Cutting Blades, Filter Cutting Knives
  • Hand Saws, Cane Cutting Knives
  • Knives & Blades for Automobile Tyre Industry
  • Bias Cutters, Skier Blades, Trimming Knives
  • Knives for Match Stick Industry.
  • Blades for Computer Stationery Industry
  • Through hardened & ground wear plates & machine slides
  • Leather Cloth coating blades
  • Doctor Blades for all applications.
  • Plates, Side, Edges, Dozer blades, Scraper blades
  • Blades for the Food Processing industry
  • Blades for the Recycling Industry
  • Custom made blades.
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